Single Source Recycled LLDPE granules

Elevate Polymers – Single Source Recycled LLDPE granules

Our Single Source Recycled LLDPE feedstock comes from agricultural film wrap. This material is supplied to us by an Irish State Organisation that is responsible for collecting all the plastic from farmers in Ireland. Access to a single source of recyclable material means that we can produce consistent LLDPE granules.

                  Black Silage Bale 25-01-16large-comic-arrow-pointing-right-166.6-10773 pellets        

Our facility is based in Clara, County Offaly, Ireland.

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We deliver the material in 24 tonnes lots, in 20 x 1200kg bags

IMG_6927 Samples IMG_6915 1 tonne bag IMG_6918 1 x 1 tonne bag